It is what we all hope for, our horses to pick their person and for the person to love them just as much. Blue will be forever loved, spoiled and treated fairly. We look forward to updating you all about him as he continues to bless others!


What a fun filled day with great horsewomen! We had an overload of cuteness - yes, I used it, at this event! Be prepared, this may shock your adorable scale!



What an amazing clinic with some fun people! We accomplished a lot and a rider who had not been on her horse in over a year and a half rode through obstacles like a champ!

I had a FANTASTIC time throughout the whole weekend, I had the honor of meeting some great trainers, learning a lot and working with an amazing filly! I had friends and family supporting me, especially my mom! I love her to pieces and she is my biggest supporter and th...


One of my favorite things about my herd is their willingness to accept new horses! It is a major bonus of having a well-balanced and loving herd.


This clinic may have been small due to some unforeseen events keeping participants from coming, but it was well worth it and worked out for the best! There were more accomplishments achieved than ever thought possible!


Photo Album!


Great clinic with Stable Relationshi...

What a handsome horse to have living right outside my house! Rush, the horse that tried to pass away from having sand, stones and a high parasite count is fantastic! He has even been helpful in that he is a companion to an injured horse in the stalls during the day cur...

These are our newest family members!


They will be in training to be sold, they all came from the same home where the owner had them since their births. There are three geldings and two mares, watch soon for their progress!

This photo is rather old, but still applies to my training techniques. In this photo I am asking the horse to carry himself while lifting his inside shoulder at the canter.


Background, this horse was previously a ranch horse and unfortunately came thinking collection w...

This is a video demoing Mr. Darcy, it is VERY raw! I pulled him out of the pasture and only did what is seen, as well it was videoed via an iPhone.


My mom was kind enough to take a quick video for me as I needed it to send off. I do end up bridleless in this though!

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