This is what makes the job worthwhile! I love all of my friends and clients, especially the four legged ones. When it all comes together it is a beautiful thing! ‪#‎StableRelationships‬


Thank you to everyone who supports this crazy dream, it means the world to me.




A very dear friend and client asked me to hop on her horse for a clinic, I'll just leave it as I had quite the ride(s)! It was an interesting experience that will not be forgotten, at least not anytime soon! I am so very proud of Amira, for a 5 and 1/2 year old Arab...

Thank you to Horse Friends of North Carolina for asking for a groundwork demo Sunday evening. It is a drop in the bucket compared to what they do and an honor to help such a great group of people.


PLEASE check them out! They are an amazing volunteer group who...



Riding is best described as a series of pressure and releases! Releasing the horse is where he learns and will want to find that point again.


"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!" - Ken McNabb


"You never want a horse to be reactive, you want him...

It is what we all hope for, our horses to pick their person and for the person to love them just as much. Blue will be forever loved, spoiled and treated fairly. We look forward to updating you all about him as he continues to bless others!


Are you having issues on the ground or under saddle getting that perfect side pass or even with a half pass? 

Take a few steps back and ask yourself this:

  1. Does my horse understand the cues?

  2. Am I cuing my horse properly?

  3. Is my horse in good enough shape to d...

These two have really become the dynamic duo! They love to be goofballs and make everyone smile!




The term "beginner safe" is often used throughout the equestrian community. However, we, as trainers have difficulty selling to beginners because it often leads to frustrated horses, owners, or worst-case scenario both. Try to understand, we love beginners and are hap...

What a fun filled day with great horsewomen! We had an overload of cuteness - yes, I used it, at this event! Be prepared, this may shock your adorable scale!



Do you want to make new friends in the horse community? Try a clinic that interests you! You will meet like minded individuals who you can easily stay in contact with and expand your friend base!


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