I love talking about my team's success, however there is a lot of work that goes into it and my team members all still have their major show nerves. How do I help them?

We practice as a team a LOT, I give them constant tips when I just see them riding, I teach them how...

Laura had her first Dressage show yesterday, they decided they wanted to go this week and try it. Well all of her hard work, dedication and horsemanship has paid off. She left with a 71.25! Laura and Merlin were 1st in their division and she looks forward to continuing...

Penny has come so far! From a 1-5 in roughly 9 weeks, it shows how much a good diet, love and care will do for a horse. We made a big move today and look forward to keeping you all updated with her progress. #StableRelationsbips #horses love #horserescue #nofilterneede...

Zip is our newest addition who is need of weight, general care and love! He is 20 and has proven himself his whole life so we plan to give him the best semi-retirement then full retirement possible! 


Zip helped with camp last week to help raise money for Horse Friends,...

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Happy Birthday to my main man Mr. Darcy! This horse is worth his weight in gold and has been a true blessing in my life! He is turning 13 - oh no, a teenager! On a serious note, I could not imagine my life without this beautiful horse that provides so much to so many o...

I have been blessed enough over the years to have had many people influence my training and here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Sometimes you have to let the horse make a mistake to teach them what is correct.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! Slow it down and r...

Amira makes more and more progress with each passing session! She is young, full of so much life and furthermore, so much potential! Maggie, her mom has also made me so proud as a friend and trainer, she has become more confidence in her baby girl!
























There will be many more posts to come about this amazing man - thus far he has shown me how to turn stirrups, make a bridle and other handy things!


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