We wanted to announce that we have an apprentice! Emma is quite the rockstar and has been working with us for her summer before college. We look forward to sharing more of her progress as the summer continues, but as it stands she is a very talented apprentice!!!

It is an absolute honor to be selected as a part of this list!



Carolina Hoofbeats



THE RESULTS are IN from the Top Trainer Poll!!! 
Top 10 Trainers in no particular order are (drum roll please)...
Jesse Chase, Tena M.Hodge, Mary Miller Jordan, Cristin Kyle, Michael Ly...

Check out my other blog post!


Check out my other blog posts as well!


I have been blessed enough over the years to have had many people influence my training and here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Sometimes you have to let the horse make a mistake to teach them what is correct.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! Slow it down and r...

Nancy has made tremendous progress with her horse Annie or "Annie Bird" as we call her. Nancy is a beginner and Annie has needed some re-training in regards to emotional control, but it is a beautiful learner and progressing quite well for another young horse here with...

This is what makes the job worthwhile! I love all of my friends and clients, especially the four legged ones. When it all comes together it is a beautiful thing! ‪#‎StableRelationships‬


Thank you to everyone who supports this crazy dream, it means the world to me.



With this cold weather many have asked me how I remain so calm. Well all of my horses have appropriate winter coats, as well as blankets (with hoods). I have heated water troughs available, salt and mineral blocks to help encourage them to eat. I also provide free choi...



Riding is best described as a series of pressure and releases! Releasing the horse is where he learns and will want to find that point again.


"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!" - Ken McNabb


"You never want a horse to be reactive, you want him...

We are happy and excited to announce that we will now be located at Flintrock Farm, an absolutely beautiful facility with great people! All new and existing clients will have access to the indoor round pen, indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as trails for lessons, clin...

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