Penny's Rescue

Penny is an incredible horse that I have known for quite awhile, unfortunately I never had the opportunity to own her or I would have previously in a heartbeat. She is a saint when it comes to the lesson kids - she used to jump, trail ride, go bareback anywhere and literally just took care of us as a whole. Anyone who has taken a lesson on her, seen a child take a lesson on her or leased her knows how much of a once in a lifetime type of horse she was and still is.


Previously she was rated a 1/9 (by a vet) and honestly in my opinion now she is not even out of that 1 woods yet, she may be considered a 2 by some, but she is definitely extremely underweight. I will be getting a vet to re-evaluate her and keep you all updated (as of August 2016).


I would normally never do this and I know I am asking a LOT, but I would appreciate any help anyone can give! I am going to ask for donations towards her feed and / or care.


Local contact information of stores where I will be purchasing feed:


Southern States

6199 Lake Brandt Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27455 United States

(336) 644-7610


My plans are to take her on, continue and improve on her current diet until she is fat and healthy. From there find a diet to help her maintain a healthy weight like she used to be! From that point it will be time to decide - can she still help some kids for therapy, or does she need to find a home as a pasture ornament and companion?


This is what I plan to have her diet consist of (unless recommended differently by a vet):


Triple Crown Senior - I personally can't say enough about this grain! But my plan is for her to be on small meals as much as possible.


In addition I use probios, yes I know pre and probios are in Triple Crown Senior, however we have to keep her system moving since she will have to be in a confined area while she recuperates and recovers.

Penny is now also eating chopped alfalfa forage in addition to her grain! AND she is also up to a BCS of 2!


We have found that she can eat grass, which is fantastic! She does drop some of it, but she ingests enough to help!

UPDATE: Penny is now at a BCS of 5! She is doing quite well and is a potential horse for a local FREE OF CHARGE therapy program! IF she makes it through all of their qualifying steps we will be looking to get her sponsored for a year so her costs are covered!

Cristin does not offer horse rescue services, however she knew Penny was in dire need and had no other options.