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HD Bucky reviewed Stable Relationships — 5 star

If I could give Stable Relationships/Cristin 10 stars out of 5 I would! I am a returning rider from a youth of fearless breaking and training hunter/jumpers. I've been back in the saddle for 10 years, but have a new horse that after a fall and concussion and a later spook and spin, was struggling with anxiety and confidence and was worried it would affect my relationship with my new horse, I had started to doubt us both. I sought the help of another trainer who just wasn't a good fit for us, so I started searching and asking questions of trainers throughout the Piedmont, and I am SO thrilled I found Cristin! She has worked with me and my horse building our confidence together as a team. She has a GREAT approach considering you and your horse are individuals and there is not one set technique/training method that works for everyone all the time, but caters her training style to help you reach your goals, based on her experience working with a number of different trainers herself. She works your horse an watches you work your horse and gives great, very specific and technique driven feedback (this has been so helpful to me as I needed those eyes to tell me to step forward when I was stepping back, to approach a certain way to get a certain response...we may think we know what we are doing but we can't see ourselves in the moment and how we might be giving a missed cue). She seeks out updates between lessons and gives you great homework to build on in her absence. And, she has just a wonderful, approachable, easy to work with personality. Whether you've been there done that and think you know it all or are starting out with horses for the first time, I am confident that Stable Relationships/Cristin can help you and your horse be the team you dream of on the ground and in the saddle. I can wait for my next lesson!

Brittney Herndon Martin reviewed Stable Relationships — 5 star

I attended last Saturday’s Confidence Building Obstacle Course with Cristin! It was awesome! My horse, Jo, started off scared of a lot of obstacles. By the end of the day we were conquering every obstacle! I was even able to ride her out away from the “herd” which was something we have never been able to do! We will definitely attend more clinics with Cristin!

Kim Herndon reviewed Stable Relationships — 5 star

We attended a clinic today. We are very impressed with Cristin! I would recommend her to anyone. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Planning to attend more of her training clinics in the future.


For a beginner who wants to learn how to ride or a performance rider who wants to polish a particular skill, I cannot recommend Cristin any more wholeheartedly.


I've been working with Cristin Kyle for a couple of years now and I have the feeling I will be working with her for many more years to come.


I come to horses by way of my wife. She grew up riding daily and went to shows more weekends than not. I won't tell you how many awards she's won, ask her and she will begrudgingly tell you but suffice to say there is nowhere near enough room to display even the best of the top shelf awards.


I on the other hand began riding under Cristin's watch. She has taken me from an overconfident assuming rider to a competent rider with a far greater understanding of my horse and what I am doing in the saddle, on the ground and in the barn.


Cristin's strong work ethic and deep understanding of the physiology and psychology of the horse is camouflaged by her sunny disposition and light heartedness. She can be a strict disciplinarian but she never looses sight of the fact that riding horses is and is supposed to be fun.


Cristin had a long tutelage with a local trainer and I am so excited to see her branching out on her own. She has the native insight and inner clarity to communicate clearly with the animals. She has the academic background to know the horse's physiology and has taken formal classes in a variety of training methodologies. When she combines and synthesizes all of these experiences, she arrives with a tremendous bag of techniques that can be applied to nearly any situation.


I am currently trail riding, sorting cattle and doing arena work and having a blast with each.


Cristin Kyle is a kind and patient teacher. She started my horse journey initially and I look forward to continuing my education in Horsemanship. She is very knowledgeable in Natural Horsemanship and easy to understand. Cristin will bring it down to your level and will make sure you get the best out of every lesson. It is very comforting to know that you are learning from a Ken McNabb certified master trainer. I would recommend her to anyone whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider who is wanting to improve on certain areas of their riding. Definitely give a 10/10!

Drew Manuel

Riding Student

What a wonderful time CCP and I had at yesterday's clinic! I cannot thank you enough for all of the fun and support I feel every time I show up to train and play with the Stable Relationships team! You rock!


Repeat Clinic Participant

Cristin has been a life saver for us quite a few times over the past few years. She has taken exceptional care of our 2 geldings when we have to leave town. She is knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and has a true love for animals. She even has treated wounds and administered medications for unexpected injuries. She has gone the extra mile to provide extra care during a heat wave, and when the water tub sprung a leak she brought over a replacement to ensure the horses were hydrated. Cristin has delivered the same level of care that we do to our horses and they love her for it. Best of all, she always leaves our barn just as she found it!


Cristin Kyle took tremendous care of my horse, Doe, after Doe had a surgery that required an extensive healing period of a deep incision. Cristin not only cleaned, sanitized, applied medication and antibiotics, and wrapped Doe's foot and leg, but she also taught me how to correctly wrap her leg and properly care for her after surgery. Cristin made sure Doe always had fresh water, hay, and a clean stall. Knowing my horse was under Cristin's care was a relief, and I never had to worry about Doe. Cristin kept constant contact with me and updated me on progress or problems throughout. After surgery, Doe made a swift recovery and her surgical incision healed without problems. I trusted Cristin to take care of my horse with as much responsible, safe care as possible, and I would recommend her care for any horse.


Cristin Kyle is a very talented trainer who can help you with ANYTHING big or small. Whether you need to work on a problem or just a tune up, she can do the job. She has taught me a lot about being a horsewoman in general and is constantly sharing her knowledge. I have worked with some really incredible trainers over the years, but I have learned the most about my horse and our relationship and how to improve upon it from Cristin. She has lots of experience and is a Ken McNabb Journeyman trainer who was personally invited to Ken's ranch in Wyoming to work with him after she rode in one of his clinics one weekend. I honestly think anyone, from the most experienced horseman to a total beginner, could benefit from working with her. She has been training for quite some time but has only recently started her webpage and her business page on here, so please like and share her page to show her some love!


If you would like additional recomendations or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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