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Cristin Kyle took lessons from a variety of trainers early on. She was lucky enough to have a mom who understood the bond between girls and horses. Cristin’s mom not only understood but also shared that same bond as a girl with her own horse, ‘Sir Duke’.


Cristin owned a horse early on in her life that taught her a lot, most importantly how to have a respectful and meaningful relationship with a horse. He was purchased from a Natural Horsemanship trainer who had rescued him from a very poor situation. His name was Sierra and he knew it quite well.


Sierra was a rescue horse, not registered and by far not the flashiest horse around, but he meant the world to her. Sierra was a flea-bitten grey Arabian Quarter Horse cross, which gave him a spunky and smart edge.


Cristin learned how to become a better rider with him. She learned how to become more proficient with groundwork and because of him learned more from horse herds as well.


Sierra had willingness, but would also test her (as any girl’s horse should at some point). His willingness brought them on some fun adventures, while his testy side allowed her to grow her confidence in herself.


Sierra was also there through a tough time in Cristin's life when she had to learn to walk again because of a back injury; thankfully it was not horse related. But he was a motivating factor in not only getting her to push herself past the pain, but to also look for a way to make a difference in the future.


Cristin then decided to go to an equine college, where unfortunately she had some pretty bad experiences, but also learned a lot in regards to Equine Nutrition, Bandaging, Wound Care, etc.


From here Cristin knew she wanted to work with more trainers and learn as much as she could. Sierra not only gave her the confidence she needed but inspired her to go help horses just like him and people who could learn the values he had taught her.


Cristin still to this day makes it a goal to help people find 'their Sierra' as she often says.


If you care to learn any more information, or have any questions you may have please feel free to contact!


In Loving Memory of Sierra, a horse who still continues to teach many and remains forever in our hearts as an inspiration for trying to build better relationships with our partners. If we ask for their trust and commitment, we must then give them ours as well.


How It Started

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