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Monthly Training

Stable Relationships offers monthly training. The goal in the monthly training is to take each individual horse as far as it can go. This begins with obstacle confidence building work, true softness, collection, a back up while really engaging the hind end, speed control, emotional control etc. Monthly training includes a weekly lesson!


We highly recommend a minimum of 60 days, and recommend 90 as this will really set in stone the foundation of the first 30 so your horse is more likely to have the "yes ma'am" or "yes sir" response to you as you also increase your training.


Clients are welcome anytime to watch sessions with their horses or with others as well! General time frames are appreciated so we do not work your horse without you being there.

Stable Relationships requires a 20% Deposit to hold your horse's training space - this can be applied to lessons, training sessions, or a clinic if your horse cannot come for training due to an incident.


Colt Starting

Stable Relationships offers colt starting. The goal with colt starting is to give them the best experience possible with their first rides! The way a horse is started will stay with them the remainder of their lives. We start from the ground up with de-sensitizing them to obstacles, proper introduction to the saddle and things overhead. Colts are also properly balanced on the ground as much as possible until they are ready to have their first rider to give them the best experience possible.

Cristin does require to have a colts for a minimum of 90 Days of Training! This is for the best interest of the horse and owner.


Hourly Training

Stable Relationships offers hourly training where your goal is what we will try and achieve! This can cover anything from respect on the ground to helping your horse better understand a move you are trying to achieve under saddle, trailer loading, confidence with spooky objects, etc. We will leave you with the tools to further your horse with whatever we work on that session!

Stable Relationships offers problem solving during hourly training such as loading issues, bucking, handling issues, and so much more!



Stable Relationships offers lessons on either your horse or one of ours. We encourage all riders to ride a well-trained horse so they can feel what they are looking for on their own horse. Lessons cover anything from basics with beginners including saddle fit and placement to how to properly achieve a flying lead change.


Lessons will cover the foundation to take a rider in ANY direction they want to go, whether casual riding, competitive trail riding or even jumping. We can give you the base to go in any direction or even show with us!

Horse Show Team

Stable Relationships offers riding students the opportunity to compete on either your horse or one of ours. We encourage all riders to ride a well-trained horse so they can feel what they are looking for on their own horse in competition.

Our team instills sportsmanship at all events, teamwork in practices and learning opportunities everywhere we go. We also do things outside of competitions for bonding as a team.

Cristin welcomes ANY level riders to join our team!

We currently have and train in:

Western Dressage







All Around​


Horse Purchase Evaluations

Stable Relationships offers horse evaluations for anyone looking to purchase a horse through another option. Evaluations include temperament evaluation, willingness to learn / be trained, movement, conformation, etc. Cristin recommends a pre-purchase exam to all clients for potential horses.

Travel Fees Apply.


Private or Public Clinics

Private, along with public clinics are available upon request. These cover extensive groundwork, including some de-spooking and how to get your horse over scary objects. The under saddle work covers how to control the body and break down individual exercises to better build a successful relationship.


Obstacle Confidence Building Clinics

Horsemanship Clinics

Groundwork Clinics

Advanced Saddle Work Clinics

Trail Clinics

Show Clinics

Two Day Clinics (of your choosing)

Half Day Clinics



Stable Relationships offers consignment opportunities, if you have a horse you need to sell, but just do not have the time or resources, please contact us. We have an information sheet that we will send you for details regarding breed, temperament, etc. Consignment includes continued training and advertisement of your horse!


Wound Care / Rehabilitation

Stable Relationships offers wound care for those who do not have the time to devote, or are not comfortable treating their equine partners. Also offered is rehabilitation work for getting back to riding in a balanced manner for your equines!

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