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Cristin Kyle is a horsemanship trainer who believes in building trust, respect, and confidence in both horses and riders. Teaching how to build a better relationship is the foundation of her training methods. From the ground up through the saddle, she strongly believes this is the basis of safety with horses.

Working with horses and people from any discipline, she believes that your saddle choice should not change the core of your training nor should it affect your relationship with your horse. This is how she came to name her business Stable Relationships.​

Cristin believes in continuous learning, from professionals, students, and horses. Each horse has something to contribute, as they are our best teachers. She understands and respects that both you and your horse are individuals and should be treated as such. In her opinion there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ method for every individual or horses or ‘30 day miracles’.​


Cristin helps riders learn to better read their horses on the ground, from head to tail – there is a lot to be said in their expressions alone. This transfers to saddle work as well, and helps build a more responsive horse. As well as creating more confidence as a rider, or horse and rider team. She also teaches riders to feel their subtle movements as often as possible to create a better release point, horses learn from the release of pressure and riders should learn to give to a horse as quickly as possible.

Breaking down the more complicated tasks for you and your horse to bring it back to a place where you both can be successful, are the building blocks for success. Cristin wants you to leave feeling better about yourself, your horse, and both of your abilities combined, whether it is through her training, a clinic or a riding lesson on one of her horses.

Cristin is based out of a private family farm in Madison, NC. She is in a beautiful horse region with easy access to the Triad and surrounding areas. Cristin travels throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and surrounding states.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cristin and her team.

Ken McNabb Master Certified Trainer

2020 WDAA Train The Trainer Graduate

2023 WDAA International Challenge

TOP 10 Open Basic Champion

Cristin Kyle on Moves Like Swagger

(Owner Kim Sheets)

2019 Western Dressage World Show Results

TOP 10 Open Introductory Champion

NC Adult High Point Rider

Cristin Kyle on Color Me Heart

TOP 10 Junior Introductory Champions

NC Youth High Point Rider

Laura Sheets on Fort Knox

Sarah Sheets on Ricochet Rick

2018 Bar None Horse Show Series Cowboy Reserve Champion

Cristin Kyle on Lopin' on Principal

Youth Champion Laura Sheets  on Fort Knox

Reserve Youth Champion Sarah Sheets on Ricochet Rick

2017 Feathered Horse Classic Youth Grand Champion Laura Sheets on Fort Knox

2017 Trainer of the Year at Piedmont Classic Hunter Series!

Laura Sheets on Micah Champion in Walk Trot Canter

 Laura Sheets on Fort Knox Champion in Novice Pleasure

Sarah Sheets and Ricochet Rick Champion in both Pleasure Division and 

Young Entry

Matthew S. Reserve Champion in Young Entry

2015 National Mounted Police Services, Inc.

Basic Mounted Police Training

Cristin Kyle on Amira

(Owner Maggie Boreman)

The above are just some of the highlights!

Train The Trainers Georgia
Train The Trainers Certificate
Train The Trainers
Ken McNabb Master Certification
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Police Services.jpg
Cristin's iPhone 017.JPG
Penny has come so far! From a 1-5 in roughly 9 weeks, it shows how much a good diet, love and care w

Sponsors / Affiliates

Products I stand by and believe in!


Do you need your truck or trailer wrapped, a sign for inside or outside at your farm, maybe some banners for your show series or individual shows? Click on the logo above to check them out! Let me tell you, contact Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics - they are fantastic to work with, help local organizations and are fast and efficient!

Des Laffan has been great with his communication, support and professionalism.


Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil has been a game changer for myself and my horses. It has helped toughen their hooves, prevent thrush, treat and prevent cracks with my flat footed horse and so much more. In addition it has helped me with sore and tender hooves in the past. My friend of many years introduced it to me, and I believe even gifted me my first bottle. I'm thankful she did as it has truly helped keep my horses' feet in great condition! I love how easily it can be applied to the whole hoof including the frog, which it also aids in moisturizing, it has a pleasant smell and it really works. You do not have to have a horse with problem hooves to use their product either, just apply roughly three times a week to a clean hoof and you will see and feel a real difference in your horses' hooves too!

Just click their logo to go to their website for more information!

Grand Meadows Logo.png

If you have ever had the need for an all around supplement for your horse - including but not limited to one that helps with join support, coat, mane and tail, hooves and so much more then you should consider Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus! After trying an initial supply they gave me for an opportunity and seeing those results I quickly ordered more of the same and continued it. My horse with shivers actually stopped having as severe of a case (which was not even on the spectrum as a possibility), another horse began looking and feeling better! I can't wait to update you all on continued progress with this supplement. I would love to hear from anyone who has used their products.

If you want to try any of the Grand Meadow products feel free to use my code for a 10% discount!



If you have a horse who has trouble with thrush, white line disease, cracking or splitting hooves due to infection or bacteria you need to check out Grooms Hand Thrush Solution! It is easy to use, apply and handle! They have instructional videos on their website to help you furthermore, but it can be sprayed from any angel and is quite effective.


Personally I use it to treat anything that comes up and as a preventative too! It is amazing, simple and easy to use, doesn't have a bad smell (like some other products), is easy to apply, the hoof pick is handy and I know it works! I have been using it for roughly a year with great success treating thrush and for seedy toe in one horse!

My horses LOVE playing with their Jolly Mega Balls - yes I have multiples and I recommend the covers, they are a great quality and are easily washed, their Jolly Balls, their Jolly Hay Ball is also a serious winner on our farm - we need more of them, and we frequently use our Rail Razers along with the Jump Blocks to add to our pole work! Needless to say I keep extra Horsemen's Pride tools around the farm and I will recommend their products for both you and your equine's enrichment!

If you want to have some extra fun with your horse use my code (or click the link /code) for a 10% discount!



Let me tell you - I am picky about show shirts for so many reasons and I am IN LOVE with the Ranch Dress'n options! They are easy to care for, comfortable, true to size, and so much more! My friend encouraged me to try them, plus a saddle bag, needless to say I cannot wait to try even more from her soon! Fallon is also true to herself and audience on social media which is so refreshing - I can't wait to continue to be inspired by her.

Use my code to get yourself 10% off or click it to open the website: StableRelationships

Tail Boot Logo.jpg

If you have never tried a Tail Boot please feel free to click on my photo to the left! They really work and are quite a great tool to have for anyone wanting to preserve their own horse's tail or help it grow into something more luscious and strong!

If you care to try a tail boot (or two), feel free to use my code for a 10% discount!


This is some information from their website: "The Tail Boot is a strong and durable alternative to the traditional tail bag. It is backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. The Tail boot is constructed of a durable neoprene shell that is waterproof. The wrap comes in many different sizes to fit all equines and it is a perfect way to wrap and protect your horses beautiful tail. Throw out those tail extensions and give The Tail Boot a try!"

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