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Positive Clinic! / Reviews!

This clinic may have been small due to some unforeseen events keeping participants from coming, but it was well worth it and worked out for the best! There were more accomplishments achieved than ever thought possible!

Great clinic with Stable Relationships this past Saturday. See Walden going from "I don't think so!" to "Obstacle, schmobstacle...boring..."

I love the feeling of falling back in love with my horse! It was just what we needed today. A clinic where we spent the whole day together building confidence and trust in each other. I never thought I would feel confident enough to do some of the obstacles in the saddle but by the end of the day Cristin Laurel Laffan Kyle and the others at Stable Relationships had me on Tabby walking past an inflatable Halloween decoration like it was nothing! Not to mention the horse eating pool noodles today was truly a blessing and I am so glad I got to share it with Kim and Walden.

(Addition / Response to Dawn’s post on facebook.)

So true - this was very beneficial to Walden and me! Thank you, Cristin Laurel Laffan Kyle and Tracie and Kat - for your patience and encouragement! I did not believe you when you said that by the end of the day I would be riding Walden over tarps, through pool-noodle fences and beside inflatable Halloween decorations - but you were right! So proud of us, and of Dawn and Tabby!

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