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Horsemanship Goals for the New Year

I love the fact that we can truly start our with our new goals at any time of the year and it does not have to be for the start of the new year, although that is the boost some people seem to want or need in their life. I am trying to push myself this coming year in my own life and in my life with horses, I had already started on some of these goals before the new year and plan to continue with them! I like the ability to challenge myself and I personally want to hold myself accountable for more!

Did you reach any of your 2020 Goals? Did they adapt or change through the year? Are they continuing for this coming year? Are you planning to have some for 2021? Are you building on a former goals?

I think it is important to have our goals, and to then setup achievable steps within them. If your goal is to achieve flying lead changes for the year or to lose weight, how can we break that down? Well for our horse make sure we have full body control as a start, for ourselves it could be to slowly change a habit to better ourselves. Sometimes this also requires outside help and perspective. Breaking these larger goals down into small achievable steps makes it so much more rewarding and fulfilling along the way as it can help you realize it is achievable - whatever you may be shooting to push yourself to do!

I would love to hear about any of your upcoming goals! Here are some of mine:

1. I want to improve my horsemanship by taking more lessons! I love continuing my education and want to challenge myself this coming year.

2. I want to use other tools to continue my education as well - listen to more audibles, read more books, watch videos from trainers I admire, maybe join some online trainer’s platforms, etc.

3. Increase the sessions with my personal and show horses! I’m counting groundwork and riding in this because they all need some additional attention this coming year, my current goal is at minimum once a week.

4. I’m going to try to audit or participate in more clinics! Again my main goal being to continue my horsemanship but schedules often conflict, however I’ll see what I can do this coming year!

5. I’m going to try to do a few more shows than normal - I have some major goals within Western Dressage for myself this year like increasing my scores! I have already penciled a few into my calendar in hopes of making them work.

I have more goals than listed here, but I will share more throughout the coming year I'm sure, I also do not want to bore any of you, just in case. But if you want to reach out discuss your own goals or if you need advice on horsemanship goals please feel free to reach out, I am happy to help if I can!

To start reaching for all of my goals I’m already listening to an audible (I’m completely addicted to them), I’m also currently reading an equine anatomy book since I'm always trying to refresh my knowledge and expand on it when possible while trying not to overflow my glass with too much. I have a lesson scheduled for this coming week with my trainer, I'm so excited as it has been far too long unfortunately! I hope to schedule in some extra rides with some of my personal horses soon since I joined a horsemanship challenge that starts in February and must use my own horses for it! The goal for me with that challenge is to meet their challenge within it of 100 days of working my horses from February through the end of May. I have started preparing for some shows but had a minor setback in we needed vet and farrier work for Hope but we will be back on track shortly. My back also decided to go out before the year even started - major fail, but onward!

I wanted to spark a bit more by leaving you with one of my daily quotes in that photo. Remember to have courage when you set your goals, and believe in yourself because you can do it! I look forward to this coming year and what it has to offer me in my own Horsemanship journey and in yours as well!

I wish you all a Happy New Year with Health, Happiness and Good Horsemanship for us all!



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