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Out with the old and in with the NEW year and challenges!

Hello everyone, I know I was not the best and gave up on my website blog for quite some time! However my new goal is at least one blog post a month in 2021 - probably with a general or overall update, maybe some training tips or a video here and there! The main reason I am posting this is so YOU can have the option of requesting topics you would like to know more about, training techniques you want advice about, to learn more about or to hear a different perspective on! Feel free to reach out privately or publicly, I know many of you work with other trainers who can be sensitive when you seek out advice from someone different, trust me, I get it! I am ready for the challenge 2021 is going to bring! I can't wait to bring you along during my goals for the upcoming year - hint hint - some of them have to do with the show arenas again! Color Me Heart, or Hope, and I have started off with some hiccups as she has somehow hurt herself before we coudl even start the new year. But my main man Mr. Darcy, or Lopin' on Principal, is going strong and will be a whopping 19 this coming year - eek! The other boys, well, don't tell them but their lives are about to change as I have joined a Winter Horsemanship Challenge to push myself to ride my personal horses more - not just client horses this winter so get ready!

I've been thinking a lot about my first horse as it is unfortunately coming up to his anniversary of his passing. However I remember him fondly and am constantly reminded why I want to keep going. I want to help you guys discover the ultimate relationship with your own horses, which is why I am continuing my own education and kicking my own butt even more daily!

Your Humble Horse Trainer,



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