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2017 Trainer of the Year!

I want to thank everyone who made it possible for the Piedmont Classic Hunter Series Horse Show to host this year's schooling horse shows at Steeple Hill Farm, they have been fantastic for my students and those around us. I saw a variety of riders, including my own students who worked hard to achieve different goals, had to stick through some tough times through the series and still came out happy and more mature.

I have appreciated the congratulations for Overall Trainer however, I have to give credit where credit is due. My students are very dedicated and work really hard to achieve their goals, build relationships with their horses and ponies, and are great ambassadors for the sport with their sportsmanship and continued commitment to horsemanship.

Thank you all for the continued support I look forward to helping my lovely students grow. Thank you to everyone who supports them, those that host these amazing shows and others in the area as well. They help make our future equestrians even better and it is a blessing to be a small part of that.

As far as my team, Laura and Micah came out Champion in Walk Trot Canter, followed by Laura and Merlin were Champion in Novice Pleasure. Sarah and Ricky came out Champion in both Pleasure Division and Young Entry / Crossrails. Matthew came out Reserve Champion in Young Entry / Crossrails while midway through the season he pushed back into Short Stirrup. Laura also came out as Overall High Point Rider and she worked hard and persevered through so much this season. I could not be more proud of all of them and I look forward to our continued goals as a team, they are a blessing to me!

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