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Horse Show Nerves

I love talking about my team's success, however there is a lot of work that goes into it and my team members all still have their major show nerves. How do I help them?

We practice as a team a LOT, I give them constant tips when I just see them riding, I teach them how to help one another for when I am not there to help, etc. When we go to shows we have a set of rules we follow.

Horse Shows are about having fun, staying safe and enjoying our teamwork! If we are relaxed and having fun it shows through to the judges and helps our horses, which in turn helps us stay safe. Our team supports one another and our competitors as a good show of sportsmanship but working on being the best people we can be.

Thank you to those who support my amazing team of riders and horses! I appreciate you all, they all made me so proud today. We had fun and stayed safe which is my number 1 rule for them everywhere we go! Matthew, Sarah and Laura all nailed it today!

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