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"Beginner Safe" - The Struggles of Selling to a Beginner

The term "beginner safe" is often used throughout the equestrian community. However, we, as trainers have difficulty selling to beginners because it often leads to frustrated horses, owners, or worst-case scenario both. Try to understand, we love beginners and are happy you are joining the community! However when considering purchasing a horse whether for yourself, a child, a friend, or even a client please remember that even you are still learning! Horses need leaders and that requires clear communication with proper timing, release of pressure, assertiveness, understanding of their needs, etc. Beginners still need guidance as well for their sake and the sake of their horses! This is for the safety of all involved!

Therefore, I suggest when buying a horse for a beginner preparing for a few things – either the horse stays for a minimum of a month while the trainer gives said beginner at least weekly lessons and I highly recommend videoing them so they can have future references! Or have them work with a trainer for a minimum of a few months so they can grow with their horse. This is the best thing for horse and rider rather than having injuries occur, frustrated relationships between the two, horses being passed around, etc.

As a trainer taking on the responsibility of selling horses is quite difficult, we want what is best for our “babies” and what will keep you safe as well! Therefore think to yourself if you are willing to invest what it takes for a proper equine partner – especially in the case of a beginner!


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