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A Recommended Read

A recomended read:

The article shows a lovely perspective of what it is like being a trainer and having a lesson client cancel last minute for a lesson, training client to do the same, etc. When considering a new riding instructor, trainer or any equine professional please take into consideration the fact that we are professionsals. You have a chosen career which supports your hobby, it just so happens that your hobby is our chosen career.

I say this knowing that life happens - emergencies, getting sick, etc. But when we schedule our time to fit your needs, it is not only professional, but polite to do the same with our time! If we have you fit in for a lesson and you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, we have more than likely planned our days around your private lesson. If you cancel last minute on bringing your horse for training, that was a spot we were holding for your horse - seeing as most of us only take on a limited amount of horses as is.

So please, please think about how your actions have consequences - our income essentially goes to taking care of our passion, our love and our babies. The horses you care for so much, that you beg to come and ride are rather costly for us. We love what we do and cater to a diverse group of individuals as a whole, so please remember that when regarding us, we are professionals. Even though we smell like sweat, horse manure, dirt, and who knows what else, we take pride in what we do daily, we give up personal time so we can fit your schedule.

I say this for other trainers, instructors, clinicians, and equine professionals out there. A thank you is very much appreciated. We love what we do and we genuinely get excited when we hear from you about what you want to do with your horse and what your own goals are! We love being a part of it, but again, it is genuinely appreciated when we are respected and treated as professionals because more often than not, unfortunately for us that is not the case.

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