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Cold Weather Horse Care

With this cold weather many have asked me how I remain so calm. Well all of my horses have appropriate winter coats, as well as blankets (with hoods). I have heated water troughs available, salt and mineral blocks to help encourage them to eat. I also provide free choice hay to help them stay warm in these bitter temperatures.

But most importantly their care is what trumps all - they come first in times like these. Even if I have to make a hot mash with electrolytes snuck in so they will drink more my horses, as well as any in training will be cared for the way they need to be.

Tips for the Cold:

1. Watch how much water your horses are drinking! If they need more in their systems a hot mash helps, try to sneak in some electrolytes too! If you can keep it heated DO SO, if not find alternatives - haul in very warm water, insulate your buckets, etc.

2. Watch your horses’ behavior - more than likely if they are outside they may seem lethargic from the cold wiping them out, but keep an extra eye on them to make sure they are eating and drinking enough.

3. FREE CHOICE HAY - That is something I cannot stress enough, it helps keep them warm, helps them not get ulcers, it is more natural to them when there is no grass, etc. If this is not an option, try some hay or nibble nets to help stretch out your hay.

4. Give yourself TIME with this cold wetaher and take care of yourself too! If you need help - reach out to your barn staff, they will keep an eye out on your horse(s) and more than likely already are. Ask if you can pay extra to have your horse have extra hay but ALWAYS make sure they are drinking water!

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