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Training Tips

I have been blessed enough over the years to have had many people influence my training and here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Sometimes you have to let the horse make a mistake to teach them what is correct.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! Slow it down and remember to breathe, if you would not expect yourself to be perfect the first few times you do something then do not expect your horses to be perfect.

Raise your expectations! You can have your horse do almost anything you put your mind to, however work with and ride them with those expectations in mind!

Make goals - having something to shoot for will make you better, your horse better and your relationship better!

Horses understand energy and intention, but they do NOT understand anger.

Groundwork is often thought of as something only Natural Horsemanship people do when in fact, it starts the moment you handle your horse. Is you horse pushing all over you? Not so much, well then believe it or not you are doing groundwork by not letting them be pushy.

Horses look for the release of pressure, so if they are doing what you want, but not as quickly or as well as you would like, release them at a good building block and focus on building upon that for the next time. A great foundation will take you farther and so will mutual respect!

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